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Republican Tax Cut Legislation: House Rules Committee

The House Rules Committee makes special rules for the Floor consideration of bills in the U.S. House. 

On November 14, the Rules Committee reported a "closed rule."  This means that no amendments could be offered on the House Floor.

The House adopted this rule on November 15 by a party-line vote of 235 to 191.


Rep. John Lewis' proposed amendments to H.R. 1:

  • Restore the Johnson Amendment (with Reps. Blumenauer, Chu, Clyburn, D. Davis, DelBene, Doggett, B. Higgins, Kind, and O’Rourke) – An amendment to strike section 5201 of the bill and restore the 53-year standard that prohibits religious, nonprofit, charitable, and related organizations from engaging in political activities. (Failed in Ways and Means Committee, rejected by the Rules Committee)
  • Cost of Wars (with Reps. Crowley, Lee, and McGovern) – An amendment to delay the effective date of revenue-reducing provisions in H.R. 1 until the United States Armed Forces are withdrawn from current wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, and the budget deficit is been eliminated. (Failed in Ways and Means Committee, rejected by the Rules Committee)
  • AmeriCorps Volunteers – An amendment to exclude Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards (currently a maximum of $5,920) from gross income so that volunteers can apply the full value of the award toward higher education (Rejected by the Rules Committee). 
  • Parity for Artists – An amendment to fix the 48-year, tax code inequity, which discourages artists from donating their work to non-profit institutions (Rejected by the Rules Committee).
  • Charitable Contributions (with Rep. D. Davis) – An amendment to delay the bill’s implementation until the Joint Committee on Taxation completes an analysis, which determines there will not be a decline in charitable giving over the next 10 years (Rejected by the Rules Committee).

Rep. Lewis also co-sponsored four other amendments submitted to the Rules Committee:

  • Adoption Tax Credit (with Reps. D. Davis, DelBene, and M. Thompson) – An amendment improving the ability of middle-class families to adopt and care for their children by making the Adoption Tax Credit refundable, restoring the exclusions for employer-related dependent care and adoption assistance programs, and modernizing the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit by increasing credit amounts and making them refundable (Rejected by the Rules Committee).
  • New Markets Tax Credit (with Reps. D. Davis, Sewell, and M. Thompson) – An amendment reinstating and making permanent the New Market Tax Credit to incentivize private sector investment and job creation in economically-distressed communities, increasing the national credit limitation to $5 billion and providing for an inflation adjustment (Rejected by the Rules Committee).
  • Employer Contributions to Student Loans (with Reps. D. Davis and M. Thompson) – An amendment improving retirement savings and lowering educational debt by allowing employers to make 401(k) matching payments for employees making student-loan payments who cannot afford to contribute to their retirement savings, with the option of electing that 50 percent of the employer contribution be applied to employee’s student loan principal (Rejected by the Rules Committee).
  • Medical Expense Deduction (with Reps. Larson, Adams, Barragan, Beatty, Blumenauer, Bonamici, Carbajal, Cardenas, Castor, Chu, Clarke, Cohen, Connolly, Conyers, Courtney, Crowley, D. Davis, DeFazio, DeLauro, Ellison, Espaillat, Esty, Frankel, Garamendi, Hanabusa, Keating, Langevin, Larsen, Lipinski, B. Lujan, Lynch, S. Maloney, Pascrell, Peterson, Pingree, Rush, Schakowsky, D. Scott, Sewell, Titus, Tonko, Torres, Watson Coleman, and Welch) – An amendment striking section 1308 and restoring the 7.5% threshold for the medical expense deduction (Rejected by the Rules Committee).

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