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May 19, 2006 Press Release

On Saturday May 20, Rep. John Lewis will join other participants in the Freedom Ride movement, including Jim Zwerg, Rev. Solomon Seay, his colleague congressional colleague Rep. Artur Davis, State Sen. Quinton Ross, and other state and local officials to commemorate the 45th anniversary of this historic activism.

May 15, 2006 Press Release

Congressman John Lewis joined other members of the Congressional Black Caucus to call for an end to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan responsible for the slaughter of thousands of innocent people, the raping of women and girls, the enslavement of 8000 Africans, and the displacement of millions of Sudanese citizens.

May 15, 2006 Press Release

Today is the last day for eligible citizens to sign-up for the Medicare prescription drug program, known as Medicare Part D. Though Congressman Lewis agrees that a prescription drug program is a necessary Medicare benefit, he believes that Part D is deeply flawed legislation that needs to be fixed.

May 10, 2006 Press Release

Congressman John Lewis denounced the tax reconciliation bill as immoral and unjust. In brief, the economic growth touted by Administration interests has come at the expense of the American worker.

May 4, 2006 Press Release

Congressman John Lewis reflected on the anniversary of the Freedom Rides today with these comments:

May 1, 2006 Press Release

Today Congressman Lewis joined forces with other concerned citizens and activists in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to protest price gouging at the gas pump.

April 26, 2006 Press Release

U.S. Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) has joined forces with U.S Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT), Jim Talent (R-MO), and Rep. Kenny Hulsoff (R-MO) to push legislation that would create two new offices in the Department of Justice.

March 20, 2006 Press Release

WHO: Rep. John Lewis
Harry Boxler, Atlanta Bureau of Planning
Ryan Gravel, Beltline Partnership
Dr. Catherine Ross, Georgia Tech Transportation Institute
Paul Grether, MARTA
Gerald Ross, Georgia Department of Transportation

March 7, 2006 Press Release

March 7, 2006 - Congressman John Lewis made the following comments in response to the death of Gordon Parks: