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Rep. Lewis Condemns Detainments at Atlanta Airport

January 28, 2017
Press Release

After learning that four Georgia residents and about 40 other individuals were detained at the airport in Atlanta today, Rep. John Lewis made this statement:

“I am deeply concerned to hear that permanent residents of the state of Georgia and dozens of others who have immigrated legally to this country—submitting to all the laws, rules and regulations required—were detained at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta today.   Apparently, they had visited relatives who remained in their native land, and one day after an executive order issued from the White House blocked access to this country, lawful permanent residents have been detained.

“People immigrate to America because they are inspired by our commitment to justice and democracy.  To treat as strangers these law-abiding immigrants, to whom we as a nation have seen fit to grant permanent status, is a stain on the integrity of our country and threatens the democratic principles this nation stands for.  This is a dark hour for America.  We must all be vigilant in this time and work persistently without ceasing to ensure that fairness, freedom, and justice prevail in the United States of America.”