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Rep. John Lewis On Virginia Tech Massacre

May 4, 2007
Press Release
"When we send our young people off to college, we think they are going to learn, to grow, and to become productive and good citizens. We would never dream that they would become victims of senseless acts of violence. As a nation and as a people, this tragedy demonstrates what we know in our hearts and minds is true. We must find a way to break the cycle of violence that is gripping our society.

"This shooting rampage, the worst in American history, has taken so many young lives. It tears at the very core of our beings. We pray for the victims of this unbelievable, unspeakable, and horrific tragedy. And we are reminded that is never, ever too late to teach our young people, and therefore our nation, that the way of love, the way of non-violence is the better way to resolve all the strivings and the struggles of humanity."