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Rep. John Lewis on Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting

November 8, 2018
Press Release

“It is unimaginable that this nation must again suffer the sorrow of another senseless mass shooting.  Members of Congress swear to protect the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  These numerous mass shootings threaten the security of our nation and jeopardize our commitment to freedom and justice, basic tenets of our society we have sworn to defend.

“Some make the case that gun owners should not be penalized for the irresponsibility of a few, but American citizens should not have to live in fear, unable to go to church, to school, to shopping centers, to nightclubs and bars without wondering whether the unthinkable might happen.  We whip up fear to protect ourselves from a caravan of immigrants who have made no threats, but we are strangely unwilling to protect ourselves from the violent among us.

“Members of Congress have taken an oath, and we must live up to it.  We must take action to protect  American citizens from a great threat to our security.  We must introduce common sense gun reform and have it signed into law by the president.”