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Rep. John Lewis' Statement on the Release of Chairman Nunes' Irresponsible Memo

February 2, 2018
Press Release

ATLANTA — Representative John Lewis made the following statement on the Republican House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s unprecedented decision to release a classified memo regarding a current and ongoing investigation:

“This is a dark hour and a sad day in the history of our nation.  Congress has a constitutional responsibility to protect the goodwill of the United States and to serve as an inspiration to the global community for whom the dream of democracy is a beacon of hope and light. 

“I never thought that I would witness the dismantling of the checks and balances of our country, and I never imagined that Republicans would cast aside the national security interests of our nation.  The frantic, desperate release of this memo leads us down a dangerous path of political spin and accusations instead of thoughtful, responsible congressional oversight. 

“It is painful to witness firsthand this attack on the remaining pillars of nonpartisan governance, rules, and procedures, but it is unfathomable and unconscionable to attack our country’s national security personnel and apparatus for political cover and gain.”