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Rep. John Lewis Statement on Ending Temporary Protected Status

November 27, 2017
Press Release

ATLANTA – Congressman John Lewis made the following statement in response to the administration’s decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitian nationals living in the United States:

“I strongly oppose recent decisions to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians and Nicaraguans living in the United States.  

“These actions do not befit a great and generous nation.  Along with ending DACA, they are part of a pattern of this administration’s assault on immigrant families and communities in Metro Atlanta and across America. 

“This decision threatens the security of families and the well-being of the nearly 200,000 American children whose parents built safe, stable lives for them as a result of the TPS program.  Similar to the earlier attack on DREAMers, this action will force families to return to unresolved, unimaginable hardships – strong earthquakes and storms, deadly wars, and harsh famines. 

“Public service should strive to bring people together and improve the lives of all who live in our country.  It should not plant seeds of uncertainty and anguish or stoke the fires of fear and division.

“Once again, the duty will now fall to Congress to attempt to fix yet another preventable crisis created by this administration. 

“We must rise up and work together to develop responsible solutions that respect the dignity and the worth of the thousands of people trying to make a better life here in America.”

TPS provides safe harbor to more than 300,000 people who have lived in the United States for years, some even for decades.  In Georgia, these hard-working individuals hold jobs, pay taxes, and contribute more than $300 million to our State’s economy every year.  

Congressman Lewis joined letters from the Congressional Black Caucus and more than 70 House Democrats that urged the Department of Homeland Security to protect and renew TPS for Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, El Salvador, and Syria.  

Rep. Lewis is a co-sponsor of —

  • H.R. 4384, the ASPIRE-TPS Act, which would protect TPS-eligible individuals from being sent back to life-threatening conditions at home;
  • H.R. 4253, the American Promise Act, which would provide a path to U.S. citizenship for long-time TPS holders; and
  • H.R. 3440, the DREAM Act, which would provide legal status and a path to citizenship for hundreds of thousands of young people brought to the United States as children.