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Rep. John Lewis Says Thousands in Georgia Benefit from Passage of Affordable Care Act

March 23, 2012
Press Release

WASHINGTON– At the second anniversary of a landmark piece of healthcare legislation, a new analysis shows that thousands of people in the Atlanta metro area are benefiting from the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  The second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act falls on March 23. 

“Ever since I have been in the Congress,” said Rep. John Lewis,” members have been working to pass meaningful healthcare legislation.  It is a response to great disparity in this country that allows the richest among us not only to benefit from the best terms at the bank, the easiest tax burden, but also gives them access to the best healthcare.  I am of the opinion that healthcare is a right.  It should not depend on the size of your wallet or the digits in your zip code.  Contracting a major illness should not be a leading cause of bankruptcy in this country.  This health care legislation is helping to change that.  In just two years millions of Americans are already seeing lower costs and better coverage.“

A new analysis prepared by the Minority staff of the House Energy and Commerce Committee breaks down the progress by congressional district so we can easily see how many of our friends and neighbors are actually benefiting from the new law.  The consumer protection provisions of the Affordable Care Act have ended some of the worst abuses of health insurers. They help protect 160,000 5th district residents from excessive rate increases because they limit the amount of money health insurers can spend on administrative expenses and require them to post and justify rate increases of 10 percent or more.   They have eliminated the threat of health coverage termination for more than 380,000 residents; and they have banned insurance companies from establishing lifetime coverage limits for 230,000 residents of the 5th district.

Here are further benefits of the bill provided by this new analysis.  State statistics follow as reported by the Department of Health and Human Services with specific additions requested of the House Energy and Commerce Committee :

5th Congressional District Progress

State of Georgia Progress

7,800 young adults in the 5th district now have health insurance due to a provision that allows parents to retain children on their health plan until the age of 26.




As of June 1, 2011, 85,090 young adults in the entire state of Georgia gained health insurance coverage because of this extension.




5,900 seniors in the district received prescription drug discounts worth $3.7 million, an average discount of $640 per senior.


In the state, overall the discount represents an average savings of $573 per person and a total savings of $58,632,728.


50,000 seniors in the district received Medicare preventive services without paying any co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles.

In the state 851,076 people with Medicare received free preventive services like mammograms and colonoscopies.


20,000 children and 110,000 adults now have health insurance that covers preventive services without paying any co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles.


In the state 1,713,000 people in Georgia with private insurance received preventive care coverage at no cost to them.


750 small businesses in the district received tax credits to help maintain or expand health care coverage for their employees.

In the state, 10,000 small businesses are claiming the tax credit.*


8,000 to 39,000 children with preexisting health conditions can no longer be denied coverage by health insurers.


In the state between 130,000 and 610,000 children with pre-existing health conditions are no longer denied coverage.*



$24.6 million in public health grants have been given to community health centers, hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers in the district to improve the community’s health

In the state 56 awards to those agencies worth over $42 million have been granted.*


Starting in September of this year, health insurers and employers will be required to provide 380,000 district residents with an easy-to-understand summary of benefits and coverage under their health care plan, providing them with clear and consistent information so they can easily compare health care options.

The healthcare law is under attack.  Don’t allow politics to get in the way of your pocketbook.  Don’t bash it before you find out more about it.  It could be making a difference in your life.

*Additional figures provided by Energy and Commerce Committee