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Rep. John Lewis Responds to Bush Escalation of Troops

January 10, 2007
Press Release

"Tonight President Bush spoke to the American people to explain his new strategic plan to manage the war in Iraq. Regardless of the changes, the President suggests the heart of this new plan is the deployment of 20,000 additional troops to Iraq.

"On Nov. 7th the American people decided to make a change, mainly because they were concerned about the progress of this war. They want us to find a responsible way to leave Iraq and bring our young men and women home. Somewhere those of us who represent the American people must speak up and speak out about this failed policy. President Bush is not listening to the people who elected him.

"He is not listening to the bi-partisan commission that he appointed, and he has dismissed generals who do not support his viewpoints. I will not butcher my conscience by sending more of our children, mothers, and fathers into an unjust war. They will only become sitting ducks in the crossfire of civil strife, sacrificing their futures for questionable gains. I don't think any good will come from this effort, and I support all the work of this Congress to oppose this escalation of troops in Iraq."