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Rep. John Lewis on Reprehensible Actions Of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

April 6, 2017
Press Release

“I watched in horror today at the news reports of the chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people.  Tiny little children, babies in their mothers’ arms were struggling for life.  Their innocent beauty and the hopefulness in their little eyes was deeply distressing, knowing that their lives have been change forever. 

“While they were sleeping, a crime was committed against them by the leaders of their own nation, a crime that their parents could never combat or defend them against.  This is the worst kind of violence and abuse by a government against its people.  It is not only a crime against the defenseless people of Syria, but against every innocent human being on this planet.

“As a world community, we must speak out in the face of such a heinous crime.   If we allow these horrible actions to go unchecked, unmatched by criticism and dissent, we leave room for this kind of violence to happen again in Syria or anywhere else in the world. 

“As people of good conscience, we must take action and speak out against this violence.  All of humanity, every human being on this planet, should cry out for this madness to stop.”