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Rep. John Lewis Remembers the Life and Legacy of Dr. Gardner Taylor

April 6, 2015
Press Release

                "Dr. Gardner  C. Taylor was one of the greatest preachers of our time.  I heard him preach on many occasions in Atlanta, New York, Nashville and other cities.  He influenced several generations of young ministers and religious leaders who flocked to hear him speak wherever he traveled around the country to spread his message of faith, hope and love.   Many tried to emulate the intellect, erudition, authority and fluency of Gardner Taylor, but no one ever could.

            "He was a master of the art of preaching who knew the Bible cold.  He rarely, if ever, wrote any notes for his sermons.  He was able to weave together the stories of the scriptures and his extensive scholarship with messages that moved his congregation like an artist whose craft became one with his own self-expression.  He was one of the earliest and strongest supporters of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and was a persistent champion for social justice throughout his life.

            "We have lost a great minister to the souls of humankind who used his gifts to impress on us the urgent need for the action of peace, faith, and love.  There is only one Dr. Gardner C. Taylor.  We are blessed and very lucky that he walked with us for 96 years.  His words and his presence have been an invaluable source of inspiration.  He will be deeply missed. "