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Rep. John Lewis Rejects Ryan-Republican Budget to Favor More Balanced, Fair Solutions

March 22, 2013
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Rep. John Lewis voted against the Ryan-Republican budget that could reverse our climb toward economic recovery, lead to more layoffs and prolong unemployment.  It would end the Medicare guarantee, while of course, providing huge tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and the poor. 

“The Republican/Ryan budget,” said Rep. John Lewis, “demonstrates a deaf ear to the priorities the American people have repeatedly stated are most important to them—to preserve Medicare, protect Social Security, continue federal commitments to education and other services, and require every person, regardless of wealth or status, to pay his or her fair share.” 

The  House also voted on H.Con Res 25, a continuing resolution which funds government programs and operations at the current sequestration levels.  However, the bill cuts funding for the implementation of the health care reforms of the Affordable Health Care act , which allows coverage for young people through their parents to the age of 21 and mandates coverage of individuals with pre-existing conditions, who need health care the most.  It also cut funding for the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reforms meant to protect consumers from the worst and most damaging practices of the financial services industry.

“These bills,” said Rep. Lewis, “demonstrate where the priorities of this Congress lie.  They are not representing the wishes of the majority of Americans, but they are protecting special interests at every turn and turning a blind eye to the declining conditions millions of Americans find themselves facing.  Hunger, homelessness, illness, and joblessness are hounding many who are discovering that hard work is not enough to keep them from falling into desperation.  Today food lines and homeless shelters are finding more and more of the working poor using their services.  We must fix these problems through investment in the people of this nation and not take the meager support that people have away, especially when others other are enjoying tax breaks and benefits they could stand to give up.”

Democrats offered three separate alternatives to the Ryan budget supported by Republicans. The budget offered by the Congressional Black Caucus preserved the Military Tuition Assistance Program, cut by the Republican budget, which allows servicemen and women to continue their education while they are in service to their country.