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Rep. John Lewis Reacts to Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

June 1, 2017
Press Release

“I was deeply concerned by this nation’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord.  I do not agree with the dark vision of America’s future the president described that pits accepting responsibility for our environmental impact against the economic stability and vitality of our country. 

“The president itemized damages to American industries and jobs, through our involvement with a non-binding agreement, but that same concern was critically absent from the budget he sent to Capitol Hill. In it he proposes to cut key supports for American workers, like the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).  The MEP helps create or retain more than 80,000 American manufacturing jobs every year. 

“This decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement lessens American strength, puts us at odds with our major allies, and leaves room for other nations, like China and the European Union, to fill the void our departure has created.  If we pull back and pull out of negotiations, we cannot help shape international climate policies that affect our nation’s future. The rest of the world has seen the economic and environmental benefit of clean energy, and they will leave us behind.  

“We do not live on this planet alone.  It is not ours to hoard, waste, or abuse.  It is our responsibility to leave this world a little more clean and a little more peaceful for all who must inhabit it for generations to come.”



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