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Rep. John Lewis on President Obama’s Address to the Nation

December 6, 2015
Press Release

I was glad that President Obama addressed the nation tonight to describe his strategy to keep Americans safe.  He was clear and resolved in his determination to defeat this threat to American security.   The strategy he presented demonstrated intelligence and precision in its capability to answer this challenge to our nation’s safety.

Yet the President cannot wage this struggle alone.  Congress must do its part to ensure that semi-automatic and assault weapons do not fall in the hands of people on the no-fly list or others identified as a potential threat to the security of the United States.  We must close those gapping loopholes in federal law which allow access to these weapons.

President Obama appealed to the very best  in America tonight.  He encouraged us to hold to our fundamental respect for human dignity as a nation and to maintain the values of our democracy as we face and overcome the challenges that confront us.