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Rep. John Lewis Mourns the Death of Civil Rights Leader Coretta Scott King

January 31, 2006
Press Release

January 31, 2006 - Congressman John Lewis made these comments when he learned of the death of Mrs. Coretta Scott King this morning:

"The passing of Coretta Scott King is a tragic loss for the movements for peace, justice, and equality around the world. She was more than the devoted wife of a great minister, but for those of us who worked with Dr. King, she was a leader in her own right. Long before she married Dr. King, she was an activist for peace and non-violence.

"She was the glue that held the Movement together. When you go back and look at those old photographs, she was right there with Dr. King, marching for the cause of civil rights. She marched with us from Selma to Montgomery. She marched with us during the March on Washington. And in1971 when I worked with the Voter Education Project, I invited her to travel with us throughout the South, through the heart of Mississippi, through the Black Belt of Alabama, through North Carolina and South Carolina. She would speak sometimes four or five times a day, encouraging people to register to vote. She was deeply committed to the cause of equal justice in America.

"Coretta Scott King was a beautiful person. She was smart, determined, and she acted with poise, grace and dignity. She was a leader, a friend, a citizen of the world. She traveled all over the world-to Europe, Africa, Asia and all over America-preaching a message of hope, love and peace. I do not know where this nation would be without the work of Dr. King and Coretta Scott King. What they believed and what they accomplished made me a better person. We are all a better people and a better nation because Coretta Scott King passed this way."