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Rep. John Lewis Marks Anniversary of King’s Death

April 4, 2012
Press Release

“On this day 44 years ago, the world was in shock.  The moral leader of our nation had been shot and killed in Memphis, Tennessee.   If he were here today, Martin Luther King Jr. would be proud of the progress we have made and the distance we have come toward ending legalized discrimination.  However, he would be deeply disappointed that in a world community which witnessed the power of non-violence to resolve human needs, the incidence of violence has not abated, but has actually risen since the days of his campaign. 

“If Dr. King were here today, he would still be saying there is too much violence and too much division in America and around the world.  He would still be preaching and teaching the human mandate to lay down the burden of hate and racial division.  He would still be advising that “hate is too heavy a burden to bear” and reminding us that “there is no way to peace; peace is the way.”  He would still be pointing out the work that needs to be done to create a nation and a world community at peace with itself, a world that can live with its conscience."