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Rep. John Lewis Honors the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

April 4, 2014
Press Release

                "When Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and killed 46 years ago today, I was in Indianapolis, Indiana working on Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign.  That was a sad and dark hour for this nation and the world community.  We lost a warrior for peace and human dignity who gave all he had so we could live in a better America today.

            "What we must realize 46 years later is that you can kill a man, but nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.  As we face the challenges of today and all the attempts to turn back the progress we have made, we must remain committed to moving forward, to continue to build upon the progress that Dr. King stood for, regardless of the roadblocks thrown up in our paths.

            "What Dr. King's death can teach us is that setbacks are only temporary delays on a mission and  a mandate that is divinely inspired.  We can learn that the tactics of humankind will never snuff out the truth that we are all one people, one family, the human family.  We all live in one house, the American house, the world house.

            "And one day I believe we will fulfill Dr. King's dream for humanity.  We will all learn to live together peaceably as brothers and sisters or we will perish as fools."