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Rep. John Lewis Floor Statement on Republican Tax Cut Legislation

November 16, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON — This morning Rep. Lewis spoke against the dangerous Republican Tax Cut bill on the House Floor.  He made the following statement (WATCH) –

“I rise with a heavy heart to join in opposing this mean-spirited, reckless bill.

“Mr. Speaker, thirty years ago, I was elected to fight for and to serve the people of my district.  Today, they are calling and begging for us to slow down and to do this the right way.

“In their heart of hearts, the public knows that the safety net will be used to pay for this reckless corporate tax cut.

“Taxpayers know that this shameful bill destroys the hopes and dreams of too many as it robs poor Peter to pay wealthy Paul.

“You see, Mr. Speaker, you cannot hide the truth from the sick, the elderly, and disabled for whom this bill may mean life or death.

“You cannot hide the truth from middle class, working, and immigrant families who need every penny to make ends meet.

“You cannot hide the truth from teachers who try to lend a helping hand and students who struggle to get an education.

“And I for one refuse to hide the truth about this bill’s attack on the separation of church and State.

“Mr. Speaker -- as we abandon our constitutional duty and sacrifice our moral authority -- I fear that history will not be kind to us.

“In another time and another period, Members of Congress came together in a bipartisan fashion. 

“They met, debated, and passed a tax bill that served the best interest of all people -- not just a select few.  They took their time.  They did it right, and so should we.

“Today the record must reflect the sad truth of this missed opportunity.  H.R. 1 steals from our veterans, seniors, children, and from generations yet unborn.

“All taxpayers expect, demand, and deserve better – much better -- than legislation, which puts politics before the good of the people.

“This bill is a shame, a disgrace, and honestly, Mr. Speaker, it breaks my heart.  I urge each and every one of my colleagues to vote no.”


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