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Rep. John Lewis on End of Government Shutdown

October 17, 2013
Press Release

“It was a shame and a disgrace that the government of the most powerful nation on earth was recklessly shutdown and allowed to slip perilously close to default.  However, I am glad that tonight the great majority of the members of the House and Senate finally came together and did the right thing.  We passed a clean bill, as we should have had an opportunity to do days ago.  We simply restored the government to normal functioning and raised the debt limit so this country can pay its bills on time, as it has for over 230 years.

“Today Standards and Poors released a report estimating $24 billion in damage to our economy from this unnecessary crisis.  Many federal workers, small businesses and institutions, schools, families, and children have suffered.  We may never fully understand the anguish and uncertainty they experienced, not knowing when they would get paid or when they would receive the services they should expect as citizens.  We must never let this happen again.  It is irresponsible to govern from crisis to crisis. 

“The Congress of the United States of America must operate for the good and in the interests of all of the people of this land, and not to satisfy the will of a few.”