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Rep. John Lewis Declares SCOTUS Decision Should Be A Turning Point

June 25, 2015
Press Release

                "The Supreme Court made a historic decision today on behalf of all the people of this nation.  This is the second time the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been upheld by the court, and now we should accept it as the law of the land.

            "Even though over 16 million people who did not have health care coverage are covered today by the ACA, and 100 million people with existing health conditions are no longer denied coverage, the Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives has voted 54 times to repeal the health care law.

            "I have sat through too many hearings with the pointed goal of questioning the legality and effectiveness of the act.  The decision the Supreme Court made today should end all debate about the constitutionality of the bill Congress enacted and President Obama signed into law five years ago.

            "It is the duty of government to protect the rights of the citizens of this nation and to make this country better for the least among us and for generations yet unborn.   We have a duty to take action on behalf of people who have advocates for themselves.  In this wealthy nation, the poor and middle class too often deny  themselves the care they need or fall into bankruptcy to get the medical attention they rightly deserved.

            "Taking action to preserve the dignity, longevity, and fiscal stability of the people of this nation is the job of this Congress.  Passing the Affordable Care Act was the right thing to do.  Now let the leaders of this nation turn their attention to the other pressing problems before us, and end the debate over this public service once and for all."