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Rep. John Lewis Comments on State of the Union Address

January 23, 2012
Press Release

“President Barack Obama presented an inspiring vision of the future to the Congress and the American people tonight. An America built to last should certainly be the hope of every member of Congress and every citizen of this nation.

“I have seen many state of the union addresses, and I think this was one of the best I have heard. It was not partisan or political, but full of ideas. The President used his administration and the expertise of the federal government wisely to develop many proposals in education, manufacturing, taxation, clean energy, infrastructure repair, re-education of the workforce, immigration reform and other pressing areas that could breathe new life into our economy. He said he is willing to utilize the power of the presidency to realize these reforms, but he cannot do it alone.

“Tonight the President appealed to us all, the people of this nation and the Congress, to put aside everything that divides us and pull together. We cannot retreat to our individual corners. We must come together as one solid force, the people and their government, to rebuild America again. In essence, he said something I believe rests at the core of our capacity to restore this nation. We must finally understand that we are one people, one family, the American family, and what affects one of us affects us all.”