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Rep. John Lewis Celebrates Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary

March 12, 2012
Press Release

       WASHINGTON—Today marks the 100th anniversary of an American iconic institution, Girl Scouts of America.  Juliette Gordon Low, 100 years ago today gathered 18 girls together to form the first local Girl Scout meeting in Savannah, Georgia.  The organization has since become a meaningful part of the development of more than 50 million girls across America and throughout contemporary history. 

Low formed the organization during a time of progressive expansion in the area of women’s rights. For several years prior women had been marching and protesting seeking the right to vote, shorter working hours, more fair working conditions and equal pay for equal work in New York City and other places in the country.  Low made an important contribution to the call for equal rights by focusing on the development and training of young girls. Rep John Lewis made this statement on this seminal anniversary:

       “The Girl Scouts of America is a national treasure that breeds independence, skillfulness, and integrity into millions of girls across the country. The troops which expose girls to hiking and camping encourage resourcefulness, a valuable appreciation for the wilderness, and a typically American spirit of freedom and adventure, often neglected in the training of young women.

“During International Women’s Month and the Month of the Girl, I am glad to join with many prestigious Girl Scout alumnae, with all the troops in the 5th congressional district of Georgia, and those throughout the state and the country in celebrating the longevity of this important organization and honoring its accomplishments.  May Girl Scouts of America continue to thrive and expand on its efforts to build the character and self-esteem of young women and girls.”