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Rep. John Lewis on 44th Anniversary of March on Washington

August 29, 2007
Press Release

"Forty-four years since the March on Washington, that unbelievable gathering on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, this nation has come a great distance toward laying down the burden of race."

Yet we are still in the process of trying to build the Beloved Community, an idea that Dr. King said is deeply rooted in the American dream."

"I often think about that day.  I often think about the men and women who marched with us and the people I met at the march who are no longer here today.  I often think about the leaders of the March who are no longer with us today.  They were ordinary men and women with extraordinary vision who helped transform America.  That is why those of us who still remain must do all we can to inspire a new generation to fulfill the mission of equal justice, peace, and the kinship of all human kind that are the enduring legacy of the Civil Rights Movement."