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Information On The 2009 WRDA Reauthorization Submission Process

Every other year, Congress considers a comprehensive authorization bill for projects and studies within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ("Corps").  This authorizing legislation is called the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA).

The updated legislation establishes a framework for the Corps to conduct water resources studies and projects for navigation, flood and storm protection, ecosystem restoration, and an array of other purposes.  Authorizations in WRDA usually fall under four general categories: studies, projects, modifications to existing authorizations, and programmatic authorizations.   To submit a project request for the WRDA legislation, please email the completed form by close of business on Wednesday, November 25, 2009.  Unfortunately, late submissions will not be accepted.

Please read the form and guidelines thoroughly.  A single email, per requestor with the subject line "WRDA 2009" should include all requisite information -- completed forms, support letters and the cover letter.


  • None of the questions on the form are optional; every question must be answered. Please proof your submissions thoroughly before submitting.
  • Please email a single completed Word-form for each project; do not send PDF-versions of the completed form(s).
  • Remember to attach a signed PDF-letter of support for each project from the non-Federal sponsor.
  • Include a cover letter (can be the actual email) listing all project submissions by title, type, amount requested, and priority order. Make sure the titles match those on the forms.
  • Include all requisite information (forms, support letters, cover letter) in a single email.
  • Each project requires a separate, completed, Word-form and a separate, signed letter of support. You cannot send one support letter and/or one form for all of your submissions.
  • Help us easily process your submissions by using a consistent format when saving all requisite documents. The cover letter titles should match the names of project listed on each form and the title of each completed Word application. For example, the attachments should be named using this formula:
  • Make sure that the email subject line reads: "WRDA 2009".

Please email (do not fax, mail, or deliver) the final completed form(s), support letter(s), and cover letter to both and

For additional information, please contact Jesse Uman or Jamila Thompson at 202-225-3801.