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Guide to Reading Congressman John Lewis' RSS Newsfeed

Congressman John Lewis' RSS newsfeed is an Internet Newsfeed. Internet newsfeeds are gathered by newsfeed reader programs which then act like a central clearinghouse of current news information. Any interested news enthusiast can use a newsfeed reader to select a mix of news sources and then receive all updated headlines and text from those sources in one place, in a common format without having to visit numerous individual web sites. Because RSS is an open standard, many organizations now produce their own newsfeeds and many software developers and websites are developing clever ways to receive them.

The introduction of the John Lewis RSS Newsfeed allows newsfeed users to get the latest updates from Congressman John Lewis without having to clog up their email inbox or repeatedly check the web site for updates. In order to make use of the John Lewis RSS Newsfeed, you just need a simple newsfeed reader program or access to a web site that reads newsfeeds.

Selection of Possible News Readers: Congressman John Lewis makes no endorsement of any RSS reader. These links are provided for informational purposes only. Some readers are free, while some readers charge a fee. The following are just a few of the available RSS News Readers.

Step One

There are several ways to view RSS newsfeeds including, specialized news readers, through news tickers that appear on your desktop, portal web sites, and email client plugins. Some programs are free and some must be purchased. Below are links to sites that list and review some RSS readers. Congressman John Lewis makes no endorsement of any RSS reader or review site. These links are provided for informational purposes only.

Step Two

You do not need to sign up for or subscribe to anything. All you need is the Internet address of the RSS newsfeed, which you can copy and paste into your RSS news reader. Our RSS newsfeed address is:

Additional Information

There are many different RSS newsfeeds that you can follow. For example, the National Weather Service now issues New York weather alerts through RSS at There are a growing number of news sources available covering almost every topic imaginable.

Privacy notice:

Because RSS does not require the user to provide any information whatsoever to my office, the only information collected is non-individual traffic data that is part of most web sites when a web page is actually visited.

Using RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) readers like Google Reader or Bloglines can be used to display RSS feeds from web sites that utilize this capability. Add feeds from the items listed by clicking on the orange button next to the feed.